ABOUT THE RUED LANGGAARD FESTIVAL The Rued Langgaard Festival takes place in Ribe every year at the beginning of September. It performs the music of Rued Langgaard and related composers from the 19th and 20th centuries in particular. The highlight of the festival contains performances of musical dramas or larger orchestral works, preferably from the symbolic era of around the 1900s. However chamber music, choir concerts and organ recitals play an important role too.   The effect of visual designs developed through the interaction of the architecture of Ribe Cathedral, makes it possible to experiment with presenting the music and its idealistic content, in a contemporary manner. Through lectures, artists seminars, musical happenings, film viewings, poetry readings and more, it puts the music into a whole new perspective. The Rued Langgaard Festival has its home in Ribe and artistic activities unfold in and around the Ribe Cathedral where Rued Langgaard was the church organist from 1940 – 1952. With its manageable size, Ribe is an ideal place to create a true festival atmosphere for both visitors and the residents of the area.

Ribe was originally built up with the Ribe Cathedral as its focal point. It is Scandinavian’s oldest city with a well preserved city center which makes the past appear to be present. At the same time the festival leads one towards the future with its focus on existential issues and new artistic expressions.

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