Music of the Spheres 2016

Ribe, 1st – 4th September 2016

Classical Music Festival in Ribe

Each year during the first weekend of September the Rued Langgaard Festival puts music by Rued Langgaard, the cathedral organist in Ribe 1940-52, and other related composers in the spotlight.
In 2016 the festival will for the first time be focusing on music from the second half of the 20th century, when Langgaard and the Hungarian avant-garde composer György Ligeti will form a partnership. The film director Stanley Kubrick made Ligeti famous by using his music in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and as the title “Music of the Spheres” indicates, it is the two composers’ differing conceptions of the music of the heavens and the sounds of outer space which form the fulcrum of this year’s festival.

DR VokalEnsemblet, the Swedish piano phenomenon Fredrik Ullén, the astrophysicist Anja Cetti Andersen, the sopranos Dénise Beck and Signe Asmussen, the Nightingale String Quartet, the conductor Thomas Dausgaard, the performance group SCENATET and the dream pop duo marstal:lidell are among the string of pearls of Danish and internationally well-known artists and musicians who will be performing in the in all 17 arrangements.
The concerts, lectures and showing of 2001: A Space Odyssey will take place in St. Catharine’s Church, Ribe Cathedral School, the recently initiated Langgaard Hall and in the Cathedral Square.

What happens when 100 amplified metronomes are let loose in the Cathedral Square in Ligeti’s work Poéme Symphonique? – and what does it sound like when 2 or 3 percussionists play arrangements of Langgaard’s “Departing Train” etc.? The answer to this will be revealed to the audience when the performance group SCENATAT opens the Rued Langgaard Festival in the Cathedral Square on Thursday the 1st September at 4 p.m. Admission is free, and EVERYBODY is welcome!
THE MAIN EVENT – Music of the Spheres – Friday the 2nd of September 8 p.m. in Ribe Cathedral
The Space Odyssey in Music of the Spheres 2016 is the composer Bo Gunge’s arrangement of Langgaard’s magnificent work, Music of the Spheres, for orchestra, chorus, organ, remote orchestra and soprano solo. The ca. 120 performers will not as is usual be placed on a stage, but at various places in the Cathedral – and among the audience – and in this way the musical impact will be enriched with a completely new dimension.
In addition, Lars Egegaard Sørensen’s lighting design for the main event and four other festival concerts will also create an exceptional visual experience.

DR will be responsible for the media coverage and will broadcast the main event directly on P2 as well as the organ and choir concert on the Saturday with Hans Davidsson and DR VokalEnsemblet on the 5th September at 7.30 p.m., also on P2.
NB! In the first weekend of September there are also Wine Festival, Sort Sol and Rued Langgaard Festival in Ribe.
For this reason we would recommend you to order festival tickets and overnight accommodation in good time.